Star Wars Legends & Blog Update

If you can see this you can probably tell I changed the blog’s theme (again). I really liked the look of the old theme a lot, but the carousel on it just made things a little sluggish. So I went back to a more standard blog-style theme, which fits what this site really is a lot better.

The other thing going on is it looks like my past two blog posts about the Bring Back Legends harassment I got have been linked on some private Facebook page. I still don’t understand why people who are so passionate about Legends do such a thing. The books are still in print and if anything Lucasfilm doing the Legends label kept them in print as Del Rey printed new versions of the books with that banner.

They even did new covers for the Thrawn trilogy:

About a year before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, Del Rey released all of their Star Wars books in just about every e-reader format (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, etc.). That there helped the Legends titles stay in print and then Lucasfilm adding the Legends banner to them earned the physical books re-prints. That actually keeps them alive longer, as otherwise they’d all go out of print and they’d be harder to find.

I still have all my paperbacks, and my favorite SWEU books that are on e-readers (such as all of the Zahn books) are ones I have no problem re-buying just to have them readable digitally.

So I don’t get the fear people have that these books are going away. They’re all still there and even more available for people to read now, and as was shown with Rebels and Thrawn Lucasfilm is pulling a lot of stuff from Legends into canon. So in a way now Thrawn is even more canon than he was before as the books previously were below the G and T canon levels that were above the novels and comics in the past.

And as time goes on I think Lucasfilm is going to pull even more concepts and characters from the old SWEU into the new canon.

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