PlayStation VR & PlayStation 4 Pro

I know I said I wouldn’t be buying any VR headsets this year, but I did break down and get a PlayStation VR launch bundle. I wrote a review of it for Furious Fanboys and even a few days after having it I still like it. But the resolution the VR games run in is such a big issue I will be getting a PlayStation 4 Pro on release day.

It’s kind of funny how the same people who praised the PS4’s 1080p output are screaming at how amazing PlayStation VR is when the games look like they’re almost running at Vita resolution. When you have a some PSVR games running on your system, take off the headset and you’ll see your UI at a very small resolution on the screen. The system simply can’t push out VR at resolutions even close to what the Rift and Vive can do and running non-VR games in “cinema mode” makes them look like PS3 games thanks to the limited resolution of the headset itself (Blu-Rays in cinema mode look like 720p instead of 1080p).

But for the game resolution, hopefully the PlayStation Pro will help. It won’t be pushing anything to 4K, but I’m hoping for PS4 Pro patches for things like Driveclub (which is a big downgrade from the non-VR game), Valkyrie, and maybe Riggs. Rez looks as good as the game has ever looked, and stuff on PSVR Worlds seem to be OK. It feels like some of the “full” games could benefit a bit from a resolution and framerate boost on the Pro. Driveclub is running at 30fps, which is why some people feel sick while playing it. Even if they kept the same graphic quality and boosted its framerate on the Pro that could fix some of the problems.

The processor box only supporting HDMI 1.4 and thus no HDR passthrough is a huge thorn in PSVR’s side. I really, really, hope Sony revises the box and either offers some kind of upgrade or exchange for PS4 Pro owners as unhooking that thing and swapping the HDMI cables whenever you want to play something in HDR on the TV is going to become annoying fast.

In other PlayStation news, I’m really close to grabbing tickets to the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim this December. Still on the fence, but if I do I may just go for one day out of the two.

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