Spent More Time With The Aetherlight


Yesterday I wrote about how I recently found out about a new game called The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance, and last night I spent more time with the game and came away impressed with what the dev team has pulled off.

If you’ve ever played a browser-based game aimed at younger gamers such as ToonTown Online or FreeRealms, the setup for Aetherlight will be familiar. You can create a character customizing its hair, skin color, eyes, clothing, etc, and then give it a first name with a randomly generated last name.

The main part of the game is played from an overhead perspective where you can speak with NPCs and solve tasks. These are tracked in a menu that would be familiar to anyone who played a F2P mobile game (but don’t worry, this game isn’t one of those). In addition to the tasks to complete, there’s also a crafting system to combine Steampunk-style material into new items. There’s also a combat system that’s turn-based in a Final Fantasy style, but with Paper Mario-style timing moves to pull off an even more powerful attack.

Something the developers have done that’s pretty cool is the Parent’s Dashboard. This gives a master account complete control over children accounts and can track their progress and control when they can play. It’s a really impressive take on parental controls for games.

For a game aimed at kids, The Aetherlight is put together very well and it’s apparent the dev team is devoted to making it something more than the typical online kids title. It’s been out for a couple of months now with a third episode arriving in December, so it’ll be something I’ll be keeping an eye on as it grows.

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