The Force Awakens Hits Blu-Ray – What’s Exclusive to Who

tfa_poster_wide_630The Force Awakens hits Blu-Ray today, and there are several versions of the release floating out there depending on what retailer you go to.

The actual discs available at each retailer are identical, there’s absolutely nothing different on the Blu-Ray within in the packaging. But each retailer is offering something different, and these are the big ones:

Best Buy: Exclusive Steelbook packaging, which unfortunately doesn’t really match the PT and OT Steelbooks (there’s no TFA poster on the back of this one).

Target: Exclusive packaging and two DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE special features. Totaling about twenty minutes, the two features can be viewed on Disney Movies Anywhere via an included code.

Walmart: Exclusive packaging.

Disney Store: Nothing different on the Blu-Ray itself, but they have an exclusive lithograph available for early purchasers.

Best Buy and Target seem to be charging about $5 more for their exclusive versions over the normal Blu-Ray. So you’ll need to ask yourself if you’d rather have the Steelbook packaging (and good luck finding one thanks to eBay scalpers) or two additional DIGITAL ONLY bonus features for $5 more. The Walmart and Disney Store versions appear to be priced normally.