The “Disney Justice Warrior” Blog is Brilliant

Someone just threw up a quick WordPress blog called “Disney Justice Warrior” and it’s pretty brilliant.

There are only two posts, but it’s really skewering the psychotic mindset pushed forward by sites like MiceChat who believe that Disneyland is an unchanging museum and any change is a personal affront to them.

Hopefully this guy continues to post updates on his blog hilariously mocking that mindset. His post about the new Pumba structure is a hilarious riff on the recent panic on the Disney internet world about having to walk to the park from the structure (that’s only 0.2 miles way and closer than Micky & Friends). The stuff about the walls (which is covering up the return of Muppet Vision 3D) is obviously mocking MiceChat who always screams that rides are closing forever, even when it’s just a temporary closure.

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