Disneyland Rivers of America 2016 Farewell Images

Rivers of America

This weekend is the final one for the original Rivers of America at Disneyland. Despite what some sensationalist bloggers are claiming to rile up their echo chamber of crazies, the Rivers of America WILL re-open in about 13 months although the route will be a bit shorter.

Basically the back portion of Tom Saywer’s Island, which is completely inaccessible to guests, is being removed and they will be adding new show scenes and animatronics to the boat scenery when the rides re-open sometime next Spring.

I went to the park on Friday and Saturday of this week and took a bunch of pictures of the original route. The sunny shots were on Friday and the overcast ones are on Saturday. These were all taken from the top deck of the Mark Twain (which is also returning next Spring).


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