Disneyland Isn’t a Museum – Stop Being Stupid

d23-2015-walt-quote-disneylandEvery single time Disney decides to change something in Disneyland, you have a certain segment of crazies on the internet scream at the top of their lungs that they’ll be cancelling their Annual Passes and will never go to Disneyland again!

Except, of course, they’re just being idiots on social media and throwing a temper tantrum. Maybe one or two actually do cancel their APs, although it’s usually for monetary reasons and not because of a change to the parks. Just in the last decade these have been the “Disney is raping my childhood” complaints about changes being made to the park:

Pirates of the Caribbean adding Johnny Depp. People yelled and screamed that this would ruin the attraction and tarnish the original, despite the fact that the ORIGINAL Pirates of the Caribbean went away with the infamous 1996 refurb that made the ride politically correct.

It’s a Small World. Some nutbars actually sent death threats to Disney over sizing down and moving the rain forest scene in the ride and adding Disney characters to it. I’d bet most still have their APs though.

Cars Land. Crazies threw a fit over Cars Land being added to DLC. Some Eisner-devotees swore by the cheap carnival look of the park and felt that spending $1 billion to fix the crappy overflow park would ruin it.

The latest end of the world is the closing of Big Thunder Ranch.

Despite some of these crazies trying to lie to people online to convince them that Disney is bulldozing all of Frontierland, the only part that’s permanently closing is the Big Thunder Ranch area behind Big Thunder Mountain:


This area opened in 1986. It hasn’t been there for 60 years like the nutbars crying that they’re closing Frontierland like to claim. It’s a part of the park many people just walk by while heading to the bigger rides in Frontierland and New Orleans Square.

What’s in there? A cow. Some goats. An all-you-can-eat BBQ place that’s both overpriced and with small portions. There’s also a festival area that’s walled-off and is only used maybe once or twice a year in the off-season for character meet-and-greets or other events most people don’t really care about.

But since Disney is permanently closing Big Thunder Ranch to make room for Star Wars Land, you have the typical people screaming at the top of their lungs that Disney is ruining their Disneyland museum and they won’t be renewing their Annual Passes.

See, these people claim that they won’t renew their passes, yet crowds continue to rise in the parks. If all these people crying on the internet really did cancel their passes, then Disney wouldn’t raise the price so high to attempt to control the crowds.

But the skyrocketing crowds of AP holders over the last few years since Disney “ruined” Pirate of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World, and DCA shows that these people don’t act on their threats. They continue to use their APs and just whine on the internet.

I actually hope this time that people do cancel their APs. If removing Big Thunder Ranch is enough to clear some of these people out of the parks, I’ll definitely enjoy the lighter crowds.

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