Disneyland Moved a River and Track Before – No One Cried Then…


One of the big bits of hysteria from the “Disneyland is a Museum” crazies is the fact that to make room for Star Wars Land backstage, they’re re-routing the Rivers of America and changing the path of the train tracks around the entrance of the new land. The problem with them freaking out is that this isn’t the first time Disneyland has done something like this.

The area of Tom Sawyer Island that’s going away is the back part that hasn’t been accessible to quests in decades, and is only being used now for Fantasmic storage. It’s not somewhere where guests can currently go, so anyone who claims Disney is taking away a favorite spot they like to visit when they go to the park doesn’t know what they’re talking about:

In exchange for the Rivers of America being re-routed, they’ll be adding new show scenes to the area to make the Mark Twain and Colombia rides around the river even better. That’s called “plussing” and is actually a Walt philosophy. That’s also why the delusional people suggesting the boats will never return are just lying to the same group of people who think Disneyland is a museum and thus fuel their delusions that they create to make their own “evil Disney” persona in their heads.

This is not the first time Disneyland has re-routed a river or moved tracks – both the train and monorail have been moved in the past.

In the 60s when It’s a Small World was added to the northern part of the berm, the entire train route was changed to what we see today. They had to move the tracks to make room for that ride.

Then again in the 90s when Disney was building the Indiana Jones Adventure in Adventureland there were two big moves to make room for that ride. Firstly the waters of the Jungle Cruise (a 1955 original) were re-routed to make room for the Indiana Jones temple entrance. Then the monorail tracks were moved to make room for its massive show building.

I’ve had people on Twitter try to tell me “But it’s not the same thing!”

It absolutely is. The problem is the people who are freaking out about the Rivers of America simply weren’t aware of the history of changes to the park because the internet didn’t exist in the same way back then. If there were fanatical sites in the 90s to fire up people into a frenzy over the Adventureland changes, you would probably have seen the same fits being thrown. If there was social media, you’d hear people crying how Disneyland is destroying the river of the Jungle Cruise for a movie-based ride.

Sounds pretty similar doesn’t it? In the 90s they re-routed a Disneyland river to make room for a very popular movie-based ride. Now in 2016 they’re re-routing another Disneyland river to make room for what will be very popular movie-based land.

I’ve also had some people tell me they weren’t alive for the changes in the past, so they don’t matter but these ones do. They absolutely matter, as you’re screaming about Disneyland history to justify your stupidity online. But you’re also ignoring another part of Disneyland history in that the park has always changed.

Disneyland doesn’t exist in a little bubble in the 22 years you’ve been alive. The park’s been around for 60 years, and it’s grown and evolved a lot since opening day. Just go into the Disneyland Opera House and look at the model of what the park looked like when it opened in 1955. The park will never stop changing, that’s how Walt wanted it. Disneyland doesn’t operate on your delusional belief that it’s a museum. It’ll continue to grow, evolve, and add new attractions long after you’re gone.


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