Why Fox Changed Victor Domashev’s Name in Fantastic Four


Fantastic Four fans were pretty pissed off when they heard that Dr. Doom in the reboot would be an anti-social computer hacker named Victor Domashev, but Fox changed that name in the final movie. While he was Victor Domashev in the movie, it was revealed why he is now Victor Von Doom in the movie that’s being ravaged by critics and will hopefully bomb this weekend.

In a video interview with Collider Toby Kebbell explains that the online rage over the Victor Domashev name caused Fox to use reshoots to change it in the movie. That doesn’t make much sense, because if Fox changed his name because of fans online being upset…then why did they even release the movie in the first place?

We can only hope that the Rotten Tomatoes rating continues to plummet and the rights then revert back to Marvel:

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