Brace Yourself: Major Force Awakens Leaks are Coming!

Ever since The Force Awakens was announced, many fans have tried to avoid any type of spoilers. That will become increasingly difficult over the next few weeks as some major leaks are coming.

Jedi Temple Archives has found evidence that street-dated boxes for Force Friday releases of The Force Awakens toys are beginning to show up at Wal-Mart and Target stores:

This means all anyone needs to do in the back room of one of these stores is open a box, snap some photos with their phone, and then re-seal the box. Then we’ll have our first looks at characters such as Maz Kanata who Lucasfilm still hasn’t shown anyone.

There will even be plot information leaked. While most of the movie is already known by spoiler-hounds, the text on the packaging of the toys will fill in any missing gaps people have.

Starting on September 4th, it’s going to be very hard to avoid Star Wars spoilers if you frequent any normal store. Those who don’t want to be spoiled before December 18th may want to build themselves a spoiler bunker and move into it for a couple of months…