Visceral’s Star Wars Game Will Be Similar to 1313

Star Wars 1313

Some new information about Visceral’s upcoming Star Wars game has come out, and it’s said to be similar to the abandoned 1313.

If you’ve been closely following the rumors about the Star Wars action/adventure game Visceral is working on, the 1313 mention isn’t surprising. This was revealed in a video interview with Nolan North that Eurogamer transcribed:

“If you’re a big fan of Amy Hennig and her styles of story: the big thing about her is that she’s gone to EA and is going to reboot a brand new Star Wars franchise in the style of Uncharted,”

“And I happen to know a lot about it,” he sort of sung, “and it’s gonna be awesome.”

He clarified in a follow-up question that this game isn’t Star Wars 1313, “but it’s along the same lines”. “Star Wars 1313: I actually did the first mocap tests for that,” he then revealed.

At one point Star Wars 1313 was meant to tie into the abandoned Star Wars: Underworld television series. Then it was transformed into a Boba Fett game before being cancelled. Lucasarts spent a lot of resources into developing a next-generation engine for the game, so it’s very likely that Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game at Visceral is using the 1313 engine with an all-new story and setting. After all, 1313 was very much like Uncharted when it was originally shown.