VideoLab Admits to Misrepresenting Man of Steel


Here’s an interesting follow up to the video that blew up the internet over the weekend. VideoLab, creators of the “Man of Steel in Color” video, have updated the description on their video to admit that the footage used wasn’t entirely genuine.

Last week their “Man of Steel in Color” video went viral with blogs linking it all over the place, because nothing gets people riled up more than a little bit of good old Man of Steel bashing. When the video went up I (and others) noticed that the “original” Man of Steel footage looked a lot darker than the actual movie.

I posted an article last Friday pointing out how the video basically lied about how Man of Steel looked. While most people agreed with the article, there were a few who tried to defend VideoLab and claim that they didn’t modify the footage at all. Even worse some flung death threats our way for trying to sabotage their YouTube success.

Well today there’s a nice bit of vindication, as VideoLab responded to all of the attention they got by updating the description on their YouTube video to admit to misrepresenting Man of Steel:

Man of Steel is a very dark movie and the footage you see is actually 90% genuine but, at the end of the day, this is a comedy video and no one should be taking it so seriously. If the title didn’t give it away, the fact we stop our comparisons every 5 seconds for a dumb joke should have. It’s not a lesson on color grading. It’s not a hit piece against DC. It’s not, ‘Look at us, we ‘fixed’ the movie.” It’s not an insider expose on the inner workings of corporate filmmaking.

VideoLab Man of Steel Video VideoLab Video Claiming “Original Footage”
VideoLab Man of Steel Video Actual Man of Steel Blu-Ray

Don’t mistake a goofy entertainment video for something more. It’s a silly and slightly misleading opinion piece that’s being analyzed through a lens of legitimacy it does not deserve or warrant. The fact that this video is so popular should serve as a testament to Man of Steel, not to us.

If the footage is only 90% genuine, it’s not the “Original Footage” from Man of Steel. VideoLab was also caught modifying a publicity still from The Dark Knight for that section of the video. Right there they admit it’s a “slightly misleading opinion piece”, which should hopefully shut up those people who tried to say they didn’t darken the footage.

I didn’t want to link to their video at all, but you can read their entire updated description here.

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