5 Reasons Why the DC Cinematic Universe Can Compete With Marvel


Look anywhere on the internet and you’ll see fanboys arguing how DC’s Cinematic Universe (which began with Man of Steel) is doomed in comparison to Marvel’s. DC may just now be ramping things up, but in many ways they’re in a much better position with their shared on-screen comic universe than Marvel was when they started it with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk in 2008.

Warner and DC Own All Their Characters

DC Cinematic Universe

This is a major thing that DC has over Marvel. Due to Marvel selling the film rights to their characters in the 90s, they have to dance around characters and concepts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s why you’re seeing The Inhumans becoming such a big idea in the movies and TV shows, as Marvel is forbidden from using the idea or name of “Mutants”. DC doesn’t have any of these limitations. Sure there’s the whole Captain Marvel/Shazam thing, but he’s been Shazam for such a long time in the comics that only nitpicking fanboys will complain about that. This gives DC infinite freedom in adapting the comics to the big screen.

Superman & Batman Are Household Names

Batman and Superman

Many fans don’t really acknowledge this, but prior to 2008 Iron Man was a C or D-list hero in the comics. Even though now everyone knows who he is thanks to the movies, his awareness can’t compete with how well-known many of the DC characters are. Thanks to their 75+ year history in comics, not to mention TV shows and movies over the decades, even your grandparents know who Superman and Batman are. This brand awareness is another huge thing DC has going for them.

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