LEGO Showing The Force Awakens Sets at Toy Fair…Behind Closed Doors

the-force-awakensEveryone knows there will be many LEGO sets based on The Force Awakens. Star Wars was the first licensed LEGO property and it’s always been a big one in terms of the number of sets released. With a new Star Wars movie coming out this year, you’d better believe that there will be plenty of sets out this year.

PocketLint has learned that LEGO plans to show seven sets based on The Force Awakens at the upcoming London Toy Fair:

The seven sets will be launched in time for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens and feature key moments and characters, from the new film.

Being shown off to a select few important people at the London Toy Fair behind very closed doors, Lego was coy to detail what the new sets would feature or what characters would become minifigures.

LEGO sets are always the very first thing to leak in terms of toys, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see images of these sets come out very soon…even before Toy Fair.