George Lucas Has Now Seen The Force Awakens Teaser

George-Lucas-at-Disney-World-Remember back in December when George Lucas said he hadn’t seen the trailer for The Force Awakens? Well it seems like he finally caught it in a theater as The Maker has now seen the teaser.

Talking to Page Six he shared what he thought of it:

After telling us in December he hadn’t seen the much talked-about trailer for Abrams’ movie, Lucas added on Saturday he has since seen it, “I saw the trailer. I saw it in a theater because I don’t watch movies online.”

When asked if he liked it, he smiled. “Yeah, it was intriguing.”

So those Lucas haters who were using him not seeing the trailer as a reason to claim that his ego was bruised by a movie that’s better than the Prequels can stop their psychotic message board theories. He’s seen the trailer, he was just waiting to see it on the big screen and not his phone.