Predicting Movie Plots From LEGO Sets is Unwise

Earlier today a few images of the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron LEGO sets leaked online, and people immediately thought they found a massive plot scoop for the movie. As the sets feature a couple different locations and vehicles (including the Avengers tower and the new Quinjet), the Internet is trying to piece together the plot of the movie based on these toys.

This is unwise.

Remember this awesome scene in Iron Man 3 where Iron Man faced off against the Mandarin in a gnarly looking vehicle?


Or what about that epic speedboat chase scene where Iron Man and War Machine chased down the villain at high speeds?

Neither of those happened, but those LEGO sets were thought to be spoiling Iron Man 3 before the movie came out. Exactly how the Avengers sets are thought to be spoiling Age of Ultron.

While it’s true that major scenes in the movies can inspire LEGO sets, most of the time the sets are designed more after what’s cool to build/fun to play with rather than recreating major plot points of the movies. People need to remember this before freaking out over early leaked sets.

I imagine the same thing will happen when The Force Awakens sets begin to leak next year.