Rumor: Could Carrie Kelly Really Be in Batman V Superman?

carrie-kelleyAbout a week ago, a really stupid rumor began being spread around the internet saying that Jenna Malone would be playing Carrie Kelly in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Most sensible sites ignored the rumor, as it’s origin was really stupid. What was the origin? Oh because Jena Malone dyed her hair red (and was recently seen on the set of the movie), people immediately thought the red hair meant she was playing Robin. As I said, most people dismissed it because it was a crazy origin.

Today a Hollywood trade has jumped in the crazy pool as they claim an extra on the movie is risking a $5 million fine from Warner for revealing that Carrie Kelly is in the movie:

Reporter Kirk Montgomery reveals several details he’s learned about the movie. At the top of the list is his source’s confirmation that Robin a.k.a. Carrie Kelley will be female and played by “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” actress Jena Malone. The actress had been spotted on the set in Detroit.

Could she really be playing Robin, or could this be a regurgitation of last week’s rumor originating from the red hair and they’re just hoping people didn’t see that in the first place?

As Batman V Superman is very heavily influenced by The Dark Knight Returns, it’s very possible they’re going with the Carrie Kelly rumor, so if it were true it wouldn’t be a huge shock. DC has also recently brought Carrie Kelly into the New 52, which means audiences who pick up Batman comics in 2016 won’t be completely lost to who she is.

EDIT: Nothing to see here, move along. The actual news report just uses that Instagram photo as its source, NOT an extra on set. Here’s the video: