Rumor: Aquaman Movie to Be Based on Geoff Johns’ New 52 Story ‘The Trench’

Aquaman The Trench This morning Warner Brothers revealed the full DC Cinematic Universe movie line-up, and as part of that they confirmed the Aquaman movie everyone knew was comingfor a while. As the New 52 has been a huge influence in the DC movies so far, such as the Superman costume and Wonder Woman’s origin, could that reboot influence the story of the Aquaman movie?

According to an Aquaman fan site Twitter account, they’ve heard it will feature The Trench:

The Trench was the subject of the initial Geoff Johns New 52 Aquaman storyline where an army of very vicious creatures began pouring out of “The Trench”. It’s the perfect type of story to do on the big screen for Aquaman, and it’s not one that would require a lot of modification to bring to the screen (unlike Marvel’s Civil War). Hopefully this is true.