Tim Burton’s New Frankenweenie Revealed

Entertainment Weekly has the first images from the feature-length reboot of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. Back in the 80s, Tim Burton was an artist at the Walt Disney Animation Studios (he even makes an appearance on the amazing Waking Sleeping Beauty documentary), but in 1984 he was fired after directing a live-action short about a boy who reanimates his dead dog. The short wasn’t released at the time, but it eventually was on home video and as an extra on DVDs.

Fast forward eighteen years, and Tim Burton has a wildly obsessive following; so he’s now being allowed to turn the short that lost him his job into a full-length movie. It’ll still be black and white, but this time it’s being animated in stop motion like A Nightmare Before Christmas. Entertainment Weekly released the first two images from the movie, such as the above, and you can head on over to their site for another that shows what Victor looks like in stop motion form.