All Five Superman Movies Hitting Blu-Ray

Amazon UK has posted a pre-order listing for a region-free Blu-Ray set containing all five Superman movies. While you can spend $60 importing the set from the UK, the word is that it will be released by the end of the year and the current rumor is that it’ll be a real nice special edition.

Spanish site ZonaDVD has information that the set will include eight discs. Six for the movies: Superman, Superman II, Superman II: The Donner Cut, Superman III, Superman IV, and Superman Returns, and two discs of extras. This will be the first time in the US you’ll be able to get the theatrical (and inferior) cut of Superman II as well as Superman III and IV on Blu-Ray. The other movies have been out for a while, so it’s likely the set will include new extras.

No release date is set for the US version, but it’s due at the end of the year.