E3. Yay.

So, E3 is over. It was fun, but I was tired from it for about a week. I got to see a bunch of old friends and play a ton of cool games. The SWG Space Expansion was cool, Battle for Middle Earth, Halo 2, Half-Life 2, Republic Commando, Metal Gear 3, etc. All kick ass.


Nintendo DS is ass.

New Zelda roxxorz.

Groan, I started playing SWG again. Swore I never would. But Jump to Lightspeed and the new Jedi system is just too cool to pass up. Lightspeed is like XvT online and I a dying to waste away time with it.

About to start playing Magic: TG again. People at work play, and if I limit myself to 1 pack a week I should be fine. No more multi-box purchases for me.

Day After Tomorrow midnight showing is Thursday. Gotta see that. Harry Potter is the week after. Fun. Lots to do.

Comic Con in just over a month an a half! I can’t wait!

…end of line.

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