The Black Panther Post-Credits Scenes (SPOILERS)

We’re only a week away from the release of Black Panther, and there are already a lot of bogus descriptions of post-credit scenes flying around. There’s a lot of noise out there from hoaxers on Reddit and other sites, and while some of them are pretty impressive (such as a nine-scene Captain Marvel reveal), there isn’t really anything out there with the truth.

Like most Marvel movies that aren’t Guardians, Black Panther only has two post-credits scenes. As is tradition there’s one after the initial flashy cast and crew credits, and then another at the very end. Neither are huge setups like Thanos showing up and grabbing the Soul Stone or anything like that. One continues a story thread of T’Challa’s arc and the other does lead right into Infinity War in a small way.

The first one you’ll see has T’Challa going to the UN and talking about the truth of what Wakanda is.

After the full credits roll, the second scene features Bucky waking up from Cryo-sleep. Shuri is there and talks to Bucky before he looks outside to the horizon and the fields that are shown in the Infinity War trailer.

At the end, the text says BLACK PANTHER Will Return in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

A Solo Super Bowl Premiere is Pretty Much Confirmed

Over the last couple weeks it’s become more and more likely that we’ll be getting the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story this weekend, and not it looks pretty much confirmed that we will see that during the Big Game on Sunday.

This all started when three weeks ago I was told that the trailer wouldn’t be playing on anything like Good Morning America, but instead on football. That narrowed things down to a Sunday. Since then a lot of hints saying we’d see it on Super Bowl Sunday came out, and it all reached a height with people finding officially licensed Star Wars Super Bowl pins.

Now there’s even more solid confirmation from two separate sources.

The first is The Hollywood Reporter, which said this yesterday:

“The marketing campaign for Solo: A Star Wars Story is widely expected to kickoff during Super Bowl LII upon the release of the first ad for the summer 2018 tentpole, according to industry insiders.”

If one of the biggest Hollywood trades saying it’s coming isn’t enough for you, Kristian Harloff overheard at the Black Panther premiere that the trailer would be coming this weekend. That revelation starts at 17:30 in his latest podcast:

People complaining that “non sports fans” won’t be able to see the trailer are just being stupid and uninformed as Disney placed the trailers for both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi on Monday Night Football and the trailer for Rogue One on the Summer Olympics. With 110 million people watching the Super Bowl, many of which aren’t even sports fans, there will actually be more people watching the first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story than any of those previous trailers when they debuted.

Lucasfilm Animation is Staffing Up for a New Star Wars Series

We all knew it was coming, but Lucasfilm Animation is hiring a lot of people for a new episodic TV series. With Rebels ending in another month or so, it will be a long time before we see or even hear about this series as people at Lucasfilm have hinted that such an announcement wouldn’t come until the next Celebration, which is in 2019.

Lucasfilm Animation is looking for a Storyboard Artist, Concept Designer, Director, and an Associate Editor right now. But there will likely be even more as things ramp up over the next year.

Although the series won’t be announced until next year at Celebration, it probably won’t be a long wait until we see it as it’s likely to launch on Disney’s streaming service in the latter half of 2019. The only question now is where the series is set, although post-ROTJ does make the most sense with Episode IX releasing that December and the Sequel Trilogy coming to an end.

More Star Wars Super Bowl LII Merchandise Found

After a good amount of evidence was found suggesting something Star Wars related is happening at the Super Bowl, more merchandise has been found to back it up. Yakface found two more officially licensed Star Wars pins for Super Bowl LII.

This one was found in a super market:

And this pin was found on Ebay:

Here’s the big thing: the game isn’t running on a Disney-owned network. It’s on NBC this year. I’ve yet to see someone offer a good explanation as to why these pins exist when Disney doesn’t get free promotion this time around…

It’s Pretty Safe to Expect a Solo Super Bowl Premiere

Normally it’s not wise to try to peg a specific date for an unreleased Star Wars trailer, but the case of Solo: A Star Wars Story is a unique one given when its releasing and how Lucasfilm tends to market Star Wars movies in the Disney era. After multiple bogus dates have come and gone, it does indeed look as if we’ll get our first teaser trailer for Solo on a Sunday as expected. Right now all the actual evidence is pointing to a Super Bowl premiere:

1. The only licensed merchandise that isn’t NFL related that’s being sold for Super Bowl uses Star Wars. This likely points to Disney being a pretty big sponsor on the game next weekend.
2. Outlets that have been very reliable with scoops in the past are hearing that the premiere is definitely on Super Bowl Sunday.
3. Last year Disney bought Super Bowl spots for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2. and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. In 2018 Avengers: Infinity War is opening the same weekend Guardians did and Solo is opening in the same weekend that Pirates released in.

That last point is likely going to be how they debut the teaser next Sunday. For Pirates they bought a 30-second spot during the game, and then immediately posted the full trailer on YouTube. With a 30-second spot costing more than $5 million, this is the most likely avenue they’ll take to debut the first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story.

More Evidence of a Big Game Debut for the Solo Trailer

Last night a big crumb pointing to a Super Bowl debut for the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer was found, and now there’s another hint that we’ll be seeing the trailer in two weeks on the final Sunday of the NFL season. This is another bit of evidence that backs up when I heard last week about the trailer arriving during football on a Sunday.

At 12:40 in the latest Weekly Planet Podcast, they say:

“I heard from somebody who’s in the know who said that it’s 100% the Super Bowl.”

Right now there’s a lot more evidence that we’ll be seeing the trailer on Super Bowl Sunday than any of the other dates that are being falsely spread around social media right now. Whether they’ll show the whole trailer on the air or do a shorter spot and then the trailer online is up in the air, but it’s a safe bet to expect it in two weeks rather than earlier…

Possible Hint at the Solo Teaser Date

Over the last couple of days more and more predictions as to when the Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser would hit have been spread around. And all of them (January 24th, 26th, and February 8th) are likely wrong. I heard last Monday that it would show up during football, but not specifically what game it was. Tonight a big clue has popped up to hint that it will indeed be arriving on the biggest football Sunday.

A user on the StarWarsLeaks subreddit found an officially licensed Super Bowl LII pin that features R2D2 on it, and had this to say about it:

“This was being sold at the official Super Bowl store at Mall of America. It was the only thing incorporating the ip of another entity.”

The comment about it being the only thing that incorporates a license other than the NFL is a big flag there. If Disney ends up being one of the key sponsors of the big game in two weeks, it’s very plausible that the NFL would capitalize on that with licensed merchandise like the pin above.

But don’t expect to see the full teaser during the big game. With thirty second spots going for $5 million each, it’s way too expensive to run a full trailer. What’s likely to happen is similar to what went on with Pirates 5 last year. They’ll buy a thirty second spot for the movie during the game and then post the full teaser online after that. It gives them double the marketing exposure, both during the game and then the “extended version” later.

So right now if I were betting on a day that the teaser will arrive, it’d be Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the day that makes the most sense and it fits with what I heard about the teaser arriving during football…

The Solo Trailer is Coming Very Soon…

Now that we have the final trailer for Star Wars Rebels, it sounds like we’re about to get the first teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican told a follower on Twitter yesterday that we’ll not have to wait much longer for it:

How would he know? Well, this ties in to something I posted the other day. Entertainment Weekly is one of many additional companies that are part of the overall promotional push for Solo. They have exclusive images from the movie that they’re going to publish either right before or right after the teaser release (most likely, after). There are also many other companies involved with this, and for some of those the deadline they have given to people connected with the projects is actually well before the Super Bowl.

And for the record I never posted a specific date for the trailer release, unless it’s 100% confirmed it’s dumb to do that. I just posted that I was told it would be on A Sunday, not a specific one and I was sure to not say any specific one. But that didn’t stop people from lying to say that I did. It’s just sad that a certain Star Wars blog is so obsessively trying to debunk people that they’ll make up lies about what people say just to do it…

Why Are There No Big Deleted Scenes on the Justice League Blu-Ray?

Yesterday Warner Brothers officially announced the Blu-Ray release of Justice League, and as expected the internet is crying in their cereal about there not being an extended cut or even multiple deleted scenes on the disc. The disc will have 11 featurettes on it, and one of those is titled “The Return of Superman“. This will include some additional footage of Superman’s return in the movie, but that’s all you’ll get in terms of a bonus scene (and it’s what Wal-Mart is promoting as the “bonus scene” on their packaging). This is the full list of features on the disc:

  • Road to Justice
  • Heart of Justice
  • Technology of the Justice League
  • Justice League: The New Heroes
  • The Return of Superman (this one includes the bonus scene)
  • Steppenwolf the Conqueror
  • Scene Studies: Revisiting the Amazons
  • Scene Studies: Wonder Woman’s Rescue
  • Scene Studies: Heroes Park
  • Scene Studies: The Tunnel Battle, and Suit Up: The Look of the League

But why is there not more footage or even an extended cut? Well the extended cut is easy to explain because the movie didn’t come close to breaking even in theaters and WB wasn’t going to spend one more penny outside of what was already budgeted for a basic Blu-Ray release (that’s why they’ll never spend the millions for a Snyder Cut, sorry). As for the deleted scenes, you can thank people leaking those on the internet for ruining the fun for everyone.

Back during the madness following the theatrical release, a VFX artist did an AmA on Reddit where he told the internet the truth of there not being a Snyder Cut and explained that they were working to finish the visual effects but thanks to the leaks Warner didn’t want to finish them:

“I said in my original post that the Barry saving Iris scene was being finished for home release, but potentially removing Clemons and replacing her with a random digital woman incase they wanted to re-cast her in flashpoint. But now that Ascendant leaked the unfinished scene online, I don’t know if it’ll be finished.”

And now we know that none of those deleted scenes that were finished and ready for the Blu-Ray were included because someone wanted internet fame by leaking them…

Analyzing the Possible Solo Trailer Dates

We’re facing the imminent release of the first teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and there is some confusion out there as to when exactly it’ll drop and on what day. There’s also a lot of crazy speculation that isn’t backed up with anything other than emotion, so lets take a look at the most logical days.

As I said on Monday, the trailer is going to drop on a Sunday. That’s because it’s going to be released during football, but just because it’s football that doesn’t immediately mean it’s coming during the big game on February 4th.

There are three Sundays for the NFL left this year:

  • January 21st – AFC/NFC Championship: This coming Sunday has a lot going for it. The NFC Championship between the Vikings and Eagles is going to be the most-watched game of the weekend, and it’s going to be on during prime time viewing. That’s the perfect time to drop a trailer during halftime. It’s also much cheaper for Disney to buy an ad on Fox during the NFC Championship than during the Super Bowl.
  • January 28th – The Pro Bowl: No one cares about this game. No one watches it. Even though it’s going to be on ESPN and Disney owns the network, putting trailer on a game most people will be ignoring isn’t the smartest move.
  • February 4th – Super Bowl LII: Aside from the fact that no Star Wars movie has ever run an ad during the Super Bowl (and every Star Wars movie before 2015 came out the same weekend as Solo), there are people hoping for this. But there are a lot of things going against it. The first is the ad cost, and to buy an ad on NBC during the big game will cost more than $5 million for thirty seconds. The second is word floating around that they want it out before the end of January, which would rule out the big game. And the last thing is some promo-related stuff that’s going on behind the scenes that would point to some kind of big Solo marketing push happening in the weeks before the game. It could always happen during this game, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s well before it.

As for when we’ll learn of the trailer, well the Star Wars Show is a possibility but I wouldn’t bank on it. For The Last Jedi trailer that aired during Monday Night Football, they didn’t announce it until the Sunday before the game. So with Solo, I would expect the same and not get hyped up for the Star Wars Show and expect a Saturday announcement. That way if they do use the Star Wars Show to do so, it’d be a nice surprise instead of disappointment and anger…